Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the answers to the questions I most frequently encounter for my Counselling clients.

What type of counselling do you do?

The model of counselling I use is Person Centred with Integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

What does Person Centred mean?

Person Centred counselling is, as the name suggests, all about the client. It is led by you, the client, i.e. it is non-directive. You choose how to use the sessions and what to discuss or disclose. I may sometimes ask questions to clarify my understanding of what has been said. I will try to reflect the emotions shown by you in order to fully accept you and your experience. I will try to see and understand your world from your perspective so that together we may work towards your personal growth and goals.

When do you bring Cognitive Behaviour Therapy in?

We may use some CBT if you are struggling with fear, phobias, negative thinking patterns or behaviour which is preventing you from living life to the full. If I feel CBT may be helpful I may suggest it to you and explain what we can hope to achieve from it.

Does counselling give advice?

No, the purpose of counselling is to help you to find your own solutions. This is done by exploring your underlying feelings and emotions - which in turn helps to gain greater insights and understanding of yourself and your situation.

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