How can Indian Head Massage help me?

The benefits of Indian Head Massage are sometimes surprising to hear. It is more than the name suggests a treatment includes not only the head, but also the face, neck, shoulders, upper arms and upper back.

Tension is often found in the neck and shoulder muscles, especially when a person is stressed. We tend to store tension in this area, almost without realising it. This can lead to aches, pains and associated headaches. Posture is also a factor which can contribute to shoulder tension, for example driving a car, sitting at a desk, etc. Indian Head Massage works on the muscles of the shoulders and upper back to break down tension, knots and adhesions in the muscles. This improves circulation and restores energy. It also stimulates lymphatic drainage, helping the body to eliminate toxins.

Headaches have several causes such as tension, stress, tiredness, toxins, inadequate water intake, work situations such as working at a computer screen all day, and diet factors. Indian Head Massage is very soothing and can relieve tension, relax muscles and often alleviate pain. In addition the treatment contacts certain acupressure points situated on the head, which are worked upon to relieve headaches.

Sinus congestion an Indian Head Massage incorporates gentle pressure and stroking on the facial areas where sinuses are present. If these are congested, this work can encourage drainage and so relieve the pressure which causes pain. Some people report that they feel relief almost immediately after a treatment.

Concentration because Indian Head Massage relaxes the whole person, the effects of this are a release of emotional tension and a general calming of the mind. When the mind is calmer, concentration is boosted. This is useful for someone who has a stressful job, is taking an exam or holding an important meeting.

Sleep when a person is more relaxed it often follows that sleep problems are improved, and Indian Head Massage is sleep-inducing by its very nature.

Depression and Anxiety can also be helped by Indian Head Massage. Again, relaxation plays a part, and there are points on the head which, when worked on, have an uplifting effect.

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