"The Power of Indian Head Massage: A Colleague’s Own Experience"

This sounds truly bizarre but it really did happen to a colleague of mine and I think there is no better way to illustrate the potential healing power of Indian Head Massage! This is what my colleague told me:

“A few years ago, when I had just started working as a reflexologist, I was going through a very traumatic time in my life. One night I had been particularly upset and went to bed in a very distressed state. My distress continued after I fell asleep and I vaguely remember some disturbing dreams, though I cannot recall the details of them. In the morning when I awoke, I had a feeling of unreality – the only thing I can liken it to is the well-known 'déjà vu' which most people have experienced as a fleeting moment of 'having been here before or done this before'. However on that day the feeling I had was not fleeting but constant – linked in some way to the feelings my dreams had evoked but still unfathomable.

The fact that it was constant and seemingly endless was particularly frightening – I kept thinking it would go away, but it stayed with me all the way on the bus to work. I thought I was going mad – looking back now I believe it was due to the distress and emotional trauma I was going through. When I arrived at work I knew I had to give a client a treatment; he duly arrived and I managed to get through the treatment, but found it difficult to speak clearly and to form sentences. I had a feeling I was not in control of what I was doing. Also my memory seemed to be affected – I was asking the client questions and trying to write the answers but the second after he had spoken I had forgotten what he said. After he had gone, feeling desperate I called on a colleague of mine and asked him to come and give me an Indian head massage as I was in dire need of something to calm and soothe me. I was still feeling very frightened.

My colleague arrived and we prepared for the treatment. He put on some therapeutic music which featured pan pipes and gentle rhythms - and began the treatment. I began to relax and after a few minutes I drifted into another world. I think the music also helped create the right atmosphere. Gradually I found myself in a sort of waking dream – I was on a mountainside with Tibetan monks and we were climbing the mountain path on llamas. As the treatment progressed I was aware of what my colleague was doing, but at the same time I was dreaming! The Tibetan monks were conveying to me a feeling of peace, love and understanding. There was no speech, just feelings of peace and harmony, which continued to grow throughout the treatment.

As the treatment drew to an end, I became more aware of my surroundings. My colleague gave me a few minutes to recover. I started to cry – I couldn’t explain why, but I felt it released something from me. When the crying stopped and I composed myself, I realized that the scary feeling of 'deja vu' had now gone - and I was left feeling weak and exhausted but calmer.

Later that day on the bus going home it was a massive relief to feel in control again and more like myself. However, it was not until the following morning that I felt totally normal again.

This experience taught me how powerful Indian Head Massage can be. I realized that it can do far more than just relax and calm – I believe it balanced my disturbed state of mind, healed my emotions and released 'poisons' produced by emotional trauma.”

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