I was recently asked to participate in a ‘holistic week’ run by a local residential home for disabled people. The home organises holidays for visitors from other parts of the country and has facilities to accommodate them and their carers. This holistic week consisted of different therapists being invited to give various treatments to the disabled visitors. I was there to give Reflexology and Indian head massage and I spent two mornings there.

One man in particular stands out in my memory. He was wheeled in by a carer who said she would stay to ‘translate’ for me as he had difficulty speaking. He seemed to be constantly racked by muscular twitches and spasms. His legs were strapped to the wheelchair and he was wearing cotton gloves to prevent damage to himself. The carer pointed out to me that he was inclined to kick out (involuntarily) without warning. I took his right foot on a pillow on my lap and started doing Reflexology.

If he wanted to speak, the carer helped me understand what he was saying. It was quite difficult to work on his foot as it was constantly on the move, but when I started working on the reflexes for the brain and central nervous system, he gradually became more and more calm. His head went down and he seemed to relax. After a while the carer remarked that she hadn’t seen him sit so still in a long time. I completed the treatment moving from one foot to the other and he seemed happy and calmer at the end.

A few minutes after leaving the room, he came back with a computer screen attached to his wheelchair. The controls were fitted to either side of his headrest. The carer called me over and said he wanted to say something. I watched as he ‘texted’ on the screen using his head to scroll down the words. The sentence came up on screen: ‘That.... was.... absolutely.... brilliant’. I felt moved to tears by this appreciation of the treatment. With a big smile he went on his way.

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