Client testimonials

This is a selection of quotations from feedback I have received from my clients over the years.

(The icons to the left of each testimonial indicate which treatments the clients recieved.)

"I was amazed at how calm and relaxed I felt after my sessions and really felt you made me see ahead clearer."

“Before I came to Veronica for Reflexology treatments, I was really suffering my way through the menopause, but I didn’t want to go down the HRT route. Reflexology has helped tremendously to alleviate the debilitating symptoms of menopause. I would encourage anyone to try Reflexology for themselves.”

“I have had, and still do get great benefits from Indian Head Massage and Reflexology – moving headaches, nervous tension and many other aggravations. Veronica Leckie gives first class treatment”

“I would like to say thank you. If it was not for your one-to-one support, I doubt that I could have come through this as I have. I feel like a different person, and that’s thanks to you”

“I had Reflexology for my IBS and even after the first session I noticed a difference. My IBS is now much better and under control thanks to Veronica”

“I was unsure about Reflexology at first but the results were excellent and I would recommend it to others.”

“Veronica Leckie has an uncanny ability to read my ailments and help cure them. I love her sessions. She is such a calm relaxed person and these attributes seem to transfer themselves to me”

Indian Head Massage treatment for the past 6 years has been most beneficial - particularly my ear area”

"The most important thing has been my realisation that I am an important person and my thoughts and feelings are important and deserve to be treated as such. Veronica has helped me to see things in a different way which in turn has changed my whole outlook on life. She has taught me ways to deal with things that I would never have thought of. I could not have gone on much longer without her."

“It is without doubt and I firmly believe that the Indian Head Massage sessions taken with your good self have given me the ability to be able to relax and helped turn the corner to recovery from my anxiety problem.”

“Since using Reflexology I find that I am much more able to cope with the stress of everyday life. It has also had a very positive effect on some back and joint problems I have had. I would now find it very difficult to manage my health and wellbeing without Reflexology. It has become an essential tool in my management of stress and general wellbeing – I find its holistic approach extremely valuable. Reflexology helped me to get a proper diagnosis of the cause of abdominal pain. The doctor was working through a series of gynaecological tests but Reflexology suggested the problem could be my colon. I was able to use this information to direct my GP with a very successful outcome. I also avoided several unnecessary trips to the hospital with all the costs that would have entailed”.

“I have found the Indian Head Massage particularly helpful in managing my neck and head pain. I find regular treatments keep my symptoms in check and help me to relax in general. I am happy to endorse Veronica’s therapeutic work with me”

“Having someone there to talk about yourself and how you feel has just given me a whole new outlook on life. I was taught to look at things in a different way - not always easy - but can now see my life more clearly. Thank you Veronica from the bottom of my heart.”

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